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Renza Nardi is a lover of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. In order to put in order and catalog all her creations in the best possible way, but also to consult and update them constantly, in January 2010 she started a blog “
Sfizi e pasticci
” which follows closely on the heels of an earlier 2007 blog “Kitchen Notes.” “Sfizi e pasticci” now has more than 1,000 recipes, including desserts, pasta dishes, appetizers, and more. Representing her most in the kitchen are the appetizers that Renza loves to prepare and invent for every occasion.

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From an image or two ingredients joined together he is able to pull out some delicacies while giving his own personal touch. A cook in her own right who likes, first of all, to experiment and then also to have fun. Depending on the occasion, she is always ready to pull out something special, even at home, usually on Sundays with a more “fancy” lunch than usual.

But there is more than just cooking in Renza’s life. In addition to cooking, there are also many other passions. Over the years sewing, crocheting and knitting have been her favorite pastimes. Over time, these have been joined by traveling and learning about new places, but most of all, reading, which is constantly evolving. All this, however, has been framed by catechism and being with children and young people since the age of 12, albeit with some interruptions.

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Recent recipes:

Ham basket with Parmesan truffles

Using the Prosciutto we will make a “rose” with cheese inside.

Swivels with zucchini and bacon

These swivels are pretty to look at and are definitely tantalizing, one pulls the other!

Savory puffs with robiola and Prosciutto

In this new recipe we will make together a savory cream puff filled with cheese and ham. A tasty appetizer!

Rolls of mozzarella and raw ham

Mozzarella rolls is best served as an appetizer with mozzarella and prosciutto.

Pasta with Squash Blossoms and Salami

A First Course that combines the sweetness of squash blossoms with the savoriness of salami, a combination to be discovered!!!

Whole wheat fusilli with pumpkin and crispy bacon

A typical autumn first course with pumpkin and crispy bacon.

Pork Loin with Lard

Pork loin stuffed and bardoned with Tuscan lard. Delicious!

Hake Bites with Ham

Hake is a neutral-tasting, somewhat anonymous fish, so in this recipe we will flavor it with slices of prosciutto. It will surprise you!People: 4Time: 15 minutesDifficulty: EasySuitable for: Main coursesInside the recipe Hake Bites with HamAt the stove: Renza Nardi...

Pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese and salami

It is hard to resist fried squash blossoms, even more so if they are stuffed with ricotta and Salami!

Chicken Skewers with Bacon

A tantalizing second these tasty morsels! A simple skewer with potatoes and crispy bacon

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