Rolls of mozzarella and raw ham

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Rolls of mozzarella and raw ham recipe

Mozzarella rolls is best served as an appetizer with mozzarella and prosciutto.




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Mozzarella and prosciutto swirls

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Renza Nardi

Easy, quick and light recipe, perfect for summer! Serve as a finger food appetizer or starter, or, more simply, as a fresh and light main course!

Let’s put on the grenbiule… we’re off!

Rolls of mozzarella and raw ham


roll garnished swivel

How to prepare

Step 1

Unroll the mozzarella rolls, cover it with the rocket salad, cover it again with the prosciutto slices and roll it gently in its paper making a firm roll, close it tightly, especially at the sides and store it in the refrigerator.

roll spread rolls
Step 2

Take it out 15 to 20 minutes before serving and cut it into slices about an inch thick.With a well-sharpened knife, prepare a vinaigrette with squeezed lemon, salt, and oil, pour a teaspoon of it over each girella and serve.


For an appetizer or finger food it is nice to present them in the mini platters, if eaten as a main course then better one platter.

rolls mozzarella and crudo
roll spread rolls

Renza Nardi

Appassionata e creativa in cucina: il suo hobby preferito è realizzare nuove ricette e condividerle nel suo Blog "Sfizi e Pasticci".

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