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Advice on which Salumi to use in gift baskets. A welcome gift!

Not sure what to give for Christmas? Do you want to be original and enjoy and make people enjoy (in every sense of the word) a beautiful gift? What better way, then, than a Christmas basket with lots of cold cuts!

Gifting the Christmas Strenna

Definitely an original and tasty idea to put under the tree.

As in the best tradition, it is the table that unites the most, and so why not take advantage of it to give something to cheer to keep company right at the main time of the holidays. Good food and wine are the key ingredients for a festive table. And that’s where the cured meats from Christmas baskets come in. Simple and traditional products such as prosciutto or Tuscan salami accompany more special and less common, but still highly appreciated, products. Sbriciolona and lard, for example, can be good allies to become part of a Christmas basket.

Felici Salumi to cheer up its customers, and not only, recommends something very tasty to put under the Christmas tree. Inside the above basket for Christmas you can find a lot of products. From the windowed box that can hold 4 or 5 pieces to the white box that holds the shoulder (with or without bone) inside, there are many variations offered by Felici Salumi.


Christmas strenna Christmas baskets from Felici Salumi

Window box

The following cured meats can be chosen and paired: shoulder meat, Tuscan-style salamino, spicy sausage, lardo, pancetta, and Tuscan sbriciolona. The difference, compared to the white box, lies mainly in whether the whole shoulder is boneless or not. Then, inside, you can find more or less the same products and, crucially, the same quality as always.

There are many and varied products available from Felici Salumi that can go to fill a Christmas package, from the fanciest to the most common, from the most sought-after to the most appreciated. Prosciutto and Tuscan salami are just two of the “ingredients” that return (and return) in personalized Christmas baskets.

Each product has certain characteristics that can tie it more or less strongly to others. For this there are of course diversified baskets where you can find multiple products, related to each other, in certain aspects, tastes, quality.

Christmas strenna felice salumi bone-in shoulder of Felici Salumi

a welcome gift

In short, if you want to do something original, but which, at the same time, is always in fashion a Christmas basket from Felici Salumi is the ideal solution. Lots of tasty, quality products that will delight those who receive them and fill the tables during the festivities. All accompanied by other side items and appropriate wine and drinks. A traditional but always appreciated way to get together and party.


Writing of Christmas baskets with mixed cured meats from Felici Salumi

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