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Veronica Ranocchi

Veronica Ranocchi was born in Prato on October 15, 1992. Graduating from the Liceo linguistico in 2011 with honors, she enrolled at the University of Florence where, three years later, she received her bachelor’s degree in Humanities for Communication and, after two more years, in 2017, her master’s degree in Performing Arts, curriculum History and Criticism of the Performing Arts, with highest honors.

Thanks in part to her active participation, both as an actress and as a text reviewer, in a series of French-language plays during her high school years, she was introduced to the world of entertainment. Always passionate about cinema, culture and the arts in general, after a year of substitute teaching at a high school, she participated as a regular guest as film criticism, to a TV program on a private broadcaster and, for the same network, she was a correspondent at the Venice Film Festival in 2018.

He is currently a journalist and contributor for the Prato culture and entertainment section of the weekly paper “Bisenzio Sette.” He writes film reviews for blogs and for the online magazine “Taxidrivers.” He is a speaker on a radio program about film. In her spare time, in addition to various volunteer activities, involvement in the parish, and a passion for French, Veronica enjoys reading and drawing, but especially following sports in general.

Veronica Ranocchi

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